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Buildings need to tell stories that will encourage and inspire tenants and their customers on an everyday basis, make them experience more from life.

Branding Experts 
Service dedicated especially for Real Estate

Property Brand is our key and dedicated service designed to meet the requirements of the real estate market in EU and CEE Countries. This consists of three development phases, which plays a crucial part in the professional brand and strategy creation for the needs of commercial and retail assets, residential buildings and also public spaces.

Brand building process: 



Phase 1

Building the brand




Phase 1

Building the brand

Step by step:

Phase 1 - Building the brand

Phase 2 - Creating Identity & Character 

Strategy is the most important core in brand building. We deliver research, insights and market analysis to be able to establish guidelines and outline the big idea that becomes an individual and innovative basis for the further brand’s development.

Value of the brand is often measured by the name. From the past experience in creating successful strategies, naming exercise became the part of our everyday job. We confront, evaluate and adjust names that become inseparable part of the brand’s vision and the big idea.

A logo is a brand’s vision simplified. We create logotypes that deliver your clients emotions essential to bond with the brand.

Every strong brand tells a story. Every new one needs a story to be told. We believe in story telling being able to lift the brand to desire market position. 

Visual identity builds a creative space around the brand. It guarantees its recognition wherever the brand appears.

Nowadays there is no brand that exists in physical world only. We know how to effectively transfer the brand and merge it with the digital world, we want to show it. 

Innovation and all the technology products are responsible to build essential and strong superiority of the brand. We want to show how you can gain the advantage over your competitors with our “out of the box” solutions. 

Marketing strategy allows building basic and advanced communication channels with your targeted consumers. 

Phase 3 - Transition into environment 

Branded and strategically resolved architecture is the most tangible brand evidence for the consumer. We work closely with architects to establish guidelines that will support and extend investor’s brand vision in the environment. 

Interior and common interim spaces always should represent and support the brand. We will show you how the interior shall correlate and communicate the most important values of the brand strategy. 


We will show how to transfer brand communication outside the building, to be able to shape client’s first impression. We will also provide coherent, efficient and consumer oriented design solutions that bond consumer with the brand. 

We will prove that well resolved way-finding and informational sign systems play crucial role in todays real estate development. We will also prove that they can also be very effective as brand positioning tool. 

- Name, Title
“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you.”  
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