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Consulting services and the naming process for one of the the largest office complex in Warsaw, Pola

We are very happy to share the next success on the Polish real estate market in relation to our strategic consulting services. We have worked with Yareal Polska Sp. z o.o., a leading property developer operating in Poland, on the naming process for the biggest office scheme in the company's history. The name “Lixa" has been chosen from among several presented by KONCEPTBRAND GROUP at the final meeting.

LIXA complex will comprise a total of 65,000 sqm of space in four buildings, and it’s located in the neighborhood of Rondo Daszyńskiego in Warsaw. LIXA naming consulting project was conducted by KONCEPTBRAND GROUP’s internal and external consultants, including Monika Serafin (Creative Director) Robert Borowicz (External Consultant) and Martina Tararuj (Founder / Strategy Director)

The visual representation of the logo and marketing communication is to be designed by Yareal's internal creative agency. We would like to thank the Yareal Marketing Team for the opportunity to be part of this exciting project, that is to make a great statement on the Polish real estate scene.

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