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All you need to know about Future of Retail is here!

The retail sector is fast-moving and continues to experience significant change. As consumers use a wider range of channels to make purchases, the sector is also becoming increasingly complex.

Despite rising levels of e-commerce, the physical store remains an important part of the offer, although its form and function will see ongoing changes. Retailers will need an overarching strategy that reflects the fast-blurring boundaries between online and offline shopping.

During last months KONCEPTBRAD Team advised one of the biggest online shoe retailer in Poland on how to integrate e-commerce into high tech commerce for bricks and mortar stores and how to integrate both worlds. We concluded all the trends and scenatios in a Trends Report.

You can download it by clicking on the image (PL version, ENG version available soon)

Futre of Retail Report by Konceptbrand Group

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